Scouts Canada's Finances: Crossroads III

By Scouter Joseph Grittani, February 3, 2006

What is Scouts Canada doing with your money? "Crossroads III: Are We There Yet?" is the third in a series of investigations to find out. Crossroads III challenges Ordinary Members of Scouts Canada to choose their endgame and to choose their management.

This report takes a hard look at the total cost (financial and otherwise) of "restructuring". It questions the wisdom of Scouts Canada's current "decision makers" and examines the performance of its most senior management.

You will see that all of the usual issues, including deficit financing (spending more than you take in), taking money from restricted funds, borrowing from other branches of Scouting, spiralling pension obligations, and specious financial reporting (to name but a few) continue to plague the National Operation.

Finally, Crossroads III looks to two alternative futures. One predicated on the world we live in today and one predicated on the world we could have were Scouts Canada truly a democratic, volunteer-led association, the association that both WOSM and our founder envisioned.

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