About Us

SCOUT eh! is a group of registered Scouts Canada members dedicated to turning Scouts Canada into a democratic association.

What's the Problem?

The members of the Board of Governors are selected by a circular appointment system. Only the 100 Voting Members of Scouts Canada have a vote. Essentially, the Board appoints the people who will select the incoming members of the Board. The 100,000 Ordinary Members, the true owners of Scouts Canada, have no vote and are completely shut out of the decision making process. As well, the paid staff have enormous influence on Scouts Canada's direction.

The results have been far from positive. Scouts Canada is facing stringent financial circumstances. Fees are pricing the program out of the market. Membership is declining rapidly and adults are leaving at a record pace. Section Scouters receive little or no support. Many events which used to happen no longer take place. Scouts Canada is trying to sell many of our Scout camps, including ones that it holds in trust for local Scouting. Scouts Canada is turning into a management-driven youth activity corporation led by the paid staff. Scouting's Mission is to be a voluntary Movement run on Scouting's values.

Why not quit or break away?

Some people have responded to what is happening by breaking away, leaving Scouting, or forming their own Scouting associations. We are not doing that. If we wanted to leave, we would. But we believe that Scouting will be better served by turning Scouts Canada into an effective association, responsive to the needs of its members and accountable to them.

What's the Solution?

A democratic Scouts Canada would have the tools that would make these problems solvable. A democratic approach would gather together the abilities and resources of the entire membership and allow creative solutions that match local needs. It would not try to impose corporate one-size-fits-all thinking on a what should be a dynamic Movement.

What does SCOUT eh! Offer?

The SCOUT eh! web site provides resources, backgrounders, and videos about the various issues facing Scouts Canada. We invite you to have a look and to make up your own mind about what is right for Scouting in your area. Please pass this information on to others so that they may also decide for themselves. SCOUT eh! is a democratic association. The officers are elected by the members and we vote on major decisions.