eh!GM 2005 Schedule

Friday Evening

Join us for informal socializing. Meet at 20:00 at 1303 Northgate Cres. (see map).

Saturday: eh!GM Conference
"Fresh Batteries in the Flashlight"

Please wear your uniform. All sessions are at Durham College, Gordon Willey Building, Lecture Theatre C113 (see map).

09:00Doors open
Film: 8th World Scout Jamboree (1955; 43 min.)
10:00Opening Ceremony
Keynote: Kevin "Grumpy Ogre" Nickson,, "Me And My Hats"
10:30Shining Light in Dark PlacesTed Claxton
National Review Board
Council Operations Manual
PRCs: Pitfalls for the Divorced Scouter
BP&P: Standing up for your rights
11:05Scouts Canada's Finances: Nearing high noonJoseph Grittani
11:30Camp/Property UpdateTed Claxton & Dave Palmer
12:00Lunch — Provided, donation accepted
Film: Ontario Property Review, it was a blast (10 min.)
13:00Film: Scouts! (1983; 58 min.) — The ideas underlying the Scout Movement are explored through the life of Lord Baden-Powell and the history of the Movement to 1941. Includes the siege of Mafeking, interviews with Scouts from the original Brownsea Island camp, early short films about Scouting, World Jamborees, comparisons with the Hitler Youth, and extensive footage of BP and early Scouting.Liam Morland
Discussion of the film
14:35ScoutDocs Scout Camps MapLiam Morland
14:45Annual ReportsElected Officers
Chair — Mike Reid
Treasurer — Ted Claxton
Secretary — Liam Morland
Accountability Session / Discussion
Trip to Camp Samac

Saturday: Scouts Canada Annual General Meeting

All members of Scouts Canada have been invited to attend the Scouts Canada Annual General Meeting. This is our chance to show the Voting Members and the Board that we care about Scouts Canada and want it to be democratic so that we can all work together for membership growth and a strong future.

The meeting will take place at Camp Samac at 16:30.

Saturday Evening

After the Scouts Canada Annual General Meeting, we will go out for dinner followed by a campfire at 20:30 at Camp Samac.


Pack up and head home for those staying over.