eh!GM 2005 — Saturday, November 26

Join SCOUT eh! members from Newfoundland to BC in calling for democracy at our eh!GM

In November, 2004, over 50 SCOUT eh! members representing five provinces including Newfoundland and BC gathered in Oshawa, Ontario to discuss, socialize, and make the call for democracy. Scouter Ted Claxton, SCOUT eh! Treasurer, addressed the Scouts Canada Annual General Meeting as dozens of SCOUT eh! members looked on.

Much progress has been made in the past year, but we have not yet achieved our goal of a democratic Scouts Canada. We must show Scouts Canada's national leadership that our commitment to democracy will not diminish.

SCOUT eh! will hold a conference and meeting, called the eh!GM, on Saturday, November 26, 2005, the same weekend as the Scouts Canada Annual General Meeting. We have lined up a diverse program for the eh!GM. In the late afternoon, we will parade over to Camp Samac to attend the Scouts Canada AGM. Around the campfire, we will share the Scouting camaraderie that brings us together. Scouter Liam will sing about all the Pink Flamingos in his garden. Who knows, the famous Gooseberries might even show up.

Scouting needs you to attend and add your voice to the call for democracy. All Scouts Canada members, not just SCOUT eh! members are invited to join us. If you can only come for part of the day, that's fine. Accommodation is available at Scouting homes in Oshawa for those wishing to stay over.

Please review the weekend schedule. There's no charge and no need to register. The meetings are in Oshawa, Ontario, just east of Toronto.

Scouts Canada Annual General Meeting

Scouts Canada will hold its Annual General Meeting at Camp Samac, Oshawa, Ontario on Saturday, November 26 at 16:30 (4:30pm). Scouts Canada has invited all members to attend (see the August/September 2005 Leader Magazine, page 30). SCOUT eh! will be there to make the call for democracy. We need you and your friends to turn up and add your voice. All Scouts Canada members are invited, not just members of SCOUT eh!.

Mark your calendars and Be Prepared to join us in Oshawa!