A Legitimate Succession for Nova Scotia Council

The following letter was sent to Steve Kent, Chief Commissioner and Chair of the Board, and to the members of the Board of Governours of Scouts Canada.

Steve Kent
Chief Commissioner and Chair of the Board
Scouts Canada

Dear Scouter Steve,

With respect to the dismissal of the Nova Scotia council, I feel that this is a very important issue as it goes directly to the exercise of power by the CEO over the volunteers. When By-Law No.2 came into being I had voiced my concern that too much power was given to the CEO as Scouts Canada is supposed to be a Volunteer led organization. At that time I was assured that things would be done in consultation with the Councils. Indeed the Appointment section of the By-laws actually states that the appointments of the CC are to be made in consultation with the Council. The By-laws also provide that members with appointments or positions in the scouting management structure have the same rights as if they were employees. My belief that these provisions would prevent the abusive exercise of power has been shattered. We need a proper mechanism, not the heavy hand of any CEO, to resolve issues that may arise between Councils and the National body. It is abundantly apparent that Janet Yale fails to comprehend the idea of the Scouting Movement and that we, as members, are the owners and stakeholders in Scouts Canada. As leaders at all levels of the organization we have a right to expect that there will be due process in the matter of dismissal from positions or in termination of membership. The Scouts Canada Act provides that the corporation consists of the members. We, as Ordinary-members, have been disenfranchised. Scouts Canada, by By-law No.2, has been effectively corporatized with a top down structure that is anathema to the Movement. You, as our Chief Commissioner, and the Board of Governors are responsible for the actions of Janet Yale. Steps have not been taken to revoke the unauthorized and unwarranted dismissal of the Nova Scotia Council. We cannot stand by and let the CEO exercise powers that abuse the Volunteer management. This action was a serious error of judgment. It will take persons with some real courage to admit that this was a mistake and take the appropriate steps to reinstate the Nova Scotia Council so that a proper legitimate succession can be established.

Yours in the Scouting Spirit

Ted Claxton
Chair, SCOUT eh!

CC: Board of Governors