SCOUT eh! Elections and eh!GM

Members of SCOUT eh!

The SCOUT eh! eh!GM is on the horizon and as our constitution mandates, it is now time to gear up for the election of all officers and regional representatives of SCOUT eh!.

Our elections are a shining example of how a true democratic principle can exist within the framework of Scouts Canada. We are able to simply and effectively run our elections on the Internet by using a double scrutineer system to audit the ballots and report results. In our four years of existence we have held two successful elections. As proof of the validity of our system, at least one Scouts Canada Council is serving a notice of motion to adopt a similar One Scouter — One Vote election for their upcoming year.

As one of the founders of SCOUT eh! I am proud of the goals we have accomplished and I am equally honoured to have served as Chair these past four years. That being said, my personal beliefs on holding office in a volunteer association are such that I will not be standing to serve another term as Chair. It is time for a change. I will be pleased to serve as Past Chair for the next term and advise the new Chair on policy, tactics, and direction.

Our association has achieved much but there is still much to do. A new person at the helm will instill a new sense of purpose and energy which has, for a variety of reasons, been missing of late. I encourage all of you to consider running for this and other positions.

With time away from the day-to-day business of operations, I will be devoting some of my time to some new Scouting initiatives, some of which will hopefully include many of you. I will be writing on this in the near future.

For now let me just say that it has been my privilege to have served with you all as head of the little Scouting engine that could. I have made many friends for life and have acquired memories enough to last a lifetime.

I will continue to stand with you all. We, Scouters who have stood up for what we believe in, challenged the status quo and achieved the successes we have. You are all my heroes.

Yours in True Scouting Friendship,

Mike "Manitou" Reid
Chair, SCOUT eh!
Guardian of the Spirit