Ode to a Lost Scouter

Fellow SCOUT eh! members and all Scouts Canada Ordinary Members,

Scouter David J. Shaw has kindly given us permission to use his copyrighted poem for recruitment purposes. We want to reach out to our fellow scouters. You may use this poem and we encourage you to circulate it to current and past scouters. Send the message that your SCOUT eh! officers will be going to Ottawa for a National Meeting and to carry the message to our Scouts Canada national leadership that we want openess, tranparency, fiscal responsibility and democratic accountability in Scouts Canada. We invite you and ask you to invite them to show their personal support by attending National Headquarters, at 1345 Baseline Road, Ottawa on Saturday August 26, 2006. We will gather for an opening in mid-morning and stay at the National HQ until mid-afternoon.

When you send the poem be sure that the authorship attribution line is at the end.

Ode to a Lost Scouter

We're calling you back. There's a reason.
We're thinking you just didn't hear,
That Scouting across this great nation,
May not last for one hundred years.

Where are you now when we need you?
Why won't you join in SCOUT eh?
Where are your woggle and scarf, and your beads?
In a box? On a shelf? Stored away?

You kept them, and you know the reason,
Neglected but warm in your soul.
It's calling you now, can't you hear it?
Or have you let it go cold?

Why did you quit and hang up your shirt?
How can you not know the score?
How can you leave us to struggle like this?
We need you. And two thousand more!

We all know that Scouting's in trouble,
It may not survive after all.
And you do the greatest disservice,
When you simply don't answer the call.

So rally once more 'round the campfire,
And join in an e-mail debate,
On how to preserve what we cherish,
Please join us before it's too late.

To vote with your feet is no answer.
You.ve simply played into their hands.
And Ottawa now has the power,
To carry out all if its plans.

We need you to stop the disaster,
As bankruptcy lurks at the door.
We need you, your voice and your knowledge.
You just can't stand back and ignore,

The loss of a great National Treasure.
The end of the great Scouting Game.
So join us, stand tall and be counted,
And help us re-kindle the flame.

 2005 David J. Shaw