Scouts Canada policy about SCOUT eh!

Scouts Canada's Executive Commissioner and CEO, Rob Stewart, has confirmed that Scouts Canada has no policy of discrimination against SCOUT eh! members. He has confirmed Scouts Canada members are not at risk of losing their membership because of their involvement in SCOUT eh! and SCOUT eh! members are welcome to hold positions on Area or Council teams. Scouter Rob made this clear during a telephone conversation with our Treasurer, Ted Claxton and later sent this email to confirm the conversation:

From: Rob Stewart <>
To: Ted Claxton <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 12:20 PM
Subject: Re: Policy toward SCOUT eh!

Dear Scouter Ted,

This message is to confirm my comments during our telphone conversation
on Monday of this week.

Scouts Canada has not stated any position or policy with respect to
Scout eh or it's members. There is no plan to generate a list of names
of members of Scout eh for purposes of removal from Scouts Canada

Members of any Commissioner's team are recruited by the Commissioner
him/herself. There is no intent from Scouts Canada to dictate to
Commissioners anything about team composition other than the expectation
that the person be a member in good standing and has the qualities to
perform the required tasks to the satisfaction of the Commissioner.

I hope this helps to clarify any misunderstandings on this issue.

Yours in Scouting,
Rob Stewart
Executive Commissioner and CEO

SCOUT eh!'s national officers have recently had meetings with the CEO and with Board of Governors member Keith Martin, who is working on democratic policy for Scouts Canada. This is a positive dialogue, so it seemed unfitting when we heard that threats were being made against SCOUT eh!. Scouter Rob's comments and email make it clear that these threats were inconsistent with Scouts Canada policy.

Your SCOUT eh! officers accept, without reservation, the assurances of our CEO, Rob Stewart. We look forward to continuing to work towards democracy in Scouts Canada.