550 Members of SCOUT eh!

May 22, 2005

The continuing growth of SCOUT eh! demonstrates that democracy makes organizations successful. We've going from zero to 550 Members in less then ten months.

In addition to the 550 Members (who are all Scouts Canada members), there are 30 Associate Members (former Scouts Canada members), and 13 Friends (other supporters) for a total of 593.

Our membership spans the country, representing every council and province except Prince Edward Island. Our members believe in Scouting and want to make it successful. Democracy will turn Scouts Canada into an organization that supports the volunteers, rather then organizing that expects the volunteers to just do as they're told.

We are making progress. Just months ago, the Chief Commissioner was utterly dismissive of any democracy in Scouts Canada. Because of the work of SCOUT eh!, the Chief Commissioner has acknowledged a "democratic deficit" in Scouts Canada. The next step for him is to change these words into actions.

We are here to help. And the more Members there are in SCOUT eh!, the more effective we will be.