500 Members of SCOUT eh!

March 22, 2005

SCOUT eh! membership has surpassed 500 Members. These 504 Scouters are all registered members of Scouts Canada who want democracy. They want the vote. In addition, there are 27 Associate Members (former Scouts Canada members) and 13 Friends (other supporters) for a total of 544.

To put these numbers in perspective, approximately one of every 40 adult Scouts Canada members is a member of SCOUT eh!. That's a huge accomplishment for an association that started just last August. Ongoing membership growth makes one thing clear: The members of Scouts Canada want the vote. Scouts Canada is our association and we have the right to decide what it does.

At your next camporee, ask around: You're not alone. Many of the Scouters you see will already be SCOUT eh! members. The rest need to hear about SCOUT eh! so that they too can add their voices to the call for democracy.