SCOUT eh! has 450 Members

January 31, 2005

SCOUT eh! now has a membership of 450 Members, all of whom are registered members of Scouts Canada. In addition, there are 23 Associate Members (former Scouts Canada members) and 13 Friends (other supporters) for a total of 486. Membership continues to grow.

Scouts Canada's members want the vote. Our continuing growth is a testament to the support among Scouts Canada members for democratic representation.

SCOUT eh! has presented to the Board of Governors a detailed proposal for implementing democracy in Scouts Canada. Our Chief Commissioner, Mike Scott, has indicated that he will report to us on the Board of Governors deliberations. We appreciate and thank the many SCOUT eh! members who contributed to the process. Now we want results.

By being members of SCOUT eh!, Scouters are helping their fellow Scouters make a positive impact for the betterment of Scouts Canada. Together we have made real progress. Members are encouraged to continue to spread the word. The more members, the greater the impact.

Join SCOUT eh! and add your voice to the call for democracy!