Over 400 Members of SCOUT eh!

December 15, 2004

402 registered Scouts Canada members are now members of SCOUT eh!. In addition, there are 19 Associate Members (former Scouts Canada members) and 12 Friends (other supporters) for a total of 433. Membership continues to grow.

These membership figures clearly indicate that there is overwhelming support for democracy among Scouts Canada members. Scouts Canada's members want the vote.

SCOUT eh! is currently developing a detailed proposal for implementing democracy in Scouts Canada. This will be presented to Scouts Canada's Board of Governors for consideration at their meeting at the end of January. Scouts Canada's Chief Commissioner, Mike Scott, invited the proposal and has pledged that it will be seriously considered. All SCOUT eh! members are invited to help in developing this proposal. Ideas and comments can be sent to any of the elected officers or posted on the SCOUT eh! Forum.

SCOUT eh! is having a positive impact and is making real progress. Members are encourage to continue to spread the word. The more members, the greater the impact.

Join SCOUT eh! and add your voice to the call for democracy!