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2012-11-14 — SCOUT eh!
Scouts Canada Elections 2012

At the upcoming Scouts Canada Annual General Meeting, there will be an election for posts on the Board of Governors. For the first time in a very long time, the Scouts Canada voting delegates will have a real choice as to who will sit on the body that decides the direction of Scouting in Canada.


2012-07-29 — SCOUT eh!
Election 2012

As a founder of this organization and a member in good standing, I am putting forth this call for nominations for the democratic election of officers to the executive body of the organization. As a member of SCOUT eh! and an ordinary member of Scouts Canada, I urge you all to draw on the power around you and consider throwing your hat into the ring. Consider serving as an officer in what is quite possibly the only movement capable of mounting a voice of reason in the current governance. Eagle Scouts are returning their medals in protest over the Boy Scouts of America's lack of judgment on inclusion within their organizations. They are putting themselves out there for principle. Let us all take note of their example and screw up our courage once again to challenge the status quo.


2011-02-26 — SCOUT eh!
Town Hall Meeting Called for Nova Scotia Council

A memorandum has been circulated by the National office concerning a Town Hall meeting soon to be convened. I am pleased to hear that there have been some positive discussions with Nova Scotia members. We can hope that the Town Hall meeting called for Sunday March 6 will result in something substantive being done to rectify the action taken to dismiss the Council Commissioner and his team. That action was, in essence, an attack upon the fundamental integrity of the Nova Scotia Council volunteers. We shall trust that any resolution resulting from the Town Hall meeting will be seen as just by the volunteers affected.


2011-02-12 — SCOUT eh!
A Legitimate Succession for Nova Scotia Council

The following letter was sent to Steve Kent, Chief Commissioner and Chair of the Board, and to the members of the Board of Governours of Scouts Canada.


2011-02-06 — SCOUT eh!
Scouts Canada fires Nova Scotia Council, SCOUT eh! responds

In November 2010, Nova Scotia Council held a democratic election for the new Council Service Team. Less than a month later, in an unprecedented move, Scouts Canada's CEO fired the entire team. SCOUT eh! finds the action taken by the CEO to remove the Nova Scotia Council Commissioner and his Council Service Team from their positions to be fundamentally wrong and unjustifiable.


2010-11-23 — SCOUT eh!
Scouts Canada Financial Statement 2010

In the interest of transparency in Scouts Canada, we are posting the Financial Statements of Scouts Canada National Operation for the year ended August 31, 2010. This is the copy provided by Scouts Canada at the Annual General Meeting November 20, 2010. These are the national financial statements and do not include the councils.


2009-06-18 — SCOUT eh!
We're excited about Scouting Now!

Scouting Now is the name of a document recently published by Scouts Canada. From the content of this plan, it's apparent that our Chief Commissioner knows quality ideas when he sees them.


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